Attorney discovering SEOThis post wraps up my series on which website options attorneys should consider in 2015. I’ve looked at a number of options over my recent posts. I can’t stress enough that you need to be careful in picking the company that will manage your law firm’s web presence. This is not a “sign up first and ask questions later” proposition. You’ll be expending your hard-earned dollars and entrusting the future of your firm to a provider. That being said, I also believe that attorneys should not procrastinate in the hiring of a web developer. The reason for not waiting too long is simple – you can’t make money by sitting around and hoping something good happens in your life. So…..let’s close this series out.

I looked at a number of options over my recent posts. My reviews of companies included the following discussion:

I had also planned on reviewing Findlaw as part of this series. The company, however, has recently made changes in how it offers services as well as in the software platform it uses. Given the newness of these options, I’ll be reviewing the company a little later this year. For those interested here is the review of Findlaw’s website services that I wrote in 2014.

The one point that I cannot stress enough, when hiring a web provider is to emphasize the approach of investing rather than spending. I wrote on the difference between these two when I discussed three things law firms should consider when hiring a web designer. If you want to get ahead in your practice then investing, and not spending, needs to be the focal point of your strategy.

What web company will you be using in 2015? What was the basis of your decision. Please chime in through the comment form below.