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law firm’s web presence is key to success in today’s market. A strong website will help your firm reach potential clients who would otherwise contact another lawyer. We believe that your online presence should, at the end of the day, be something that you own and control outright. By providing you with a web presence which you own, we strive to free your firm from recurring advertising costs and to put you on a sustainable path to success.

You can learn more about our services by reading the information below and by watching this video:

An investment based approach to online lawyer marketing

Many companies hold themselves out as helping lawyers to do better on the web. The problem with such companies, however, is that they would funnel your dollars into products which, in the end, you do not own. Such products include pay-per-click advertising, directory listings, or other sponsored web placements. These approaches come with large monthly costs which must continuously be paid in order to keep your revenue flowing. We take a different approach.

Rather than funneling your money into renting online ad space from third-parties, we take an investment based approach to online lawyer marketing. By investing in quality content which you own outright (such as blog posts, videos, and other content), you can pay once and receive a continuous return. This return results from the fact that such content continues to appear in search results for months, or even years, after you have paid for it. This is how you can free yourself from recurring monthly expenses. We are proud that our clients have grown their practices while avoiding paid search placement or other paid online ads. This approach can result in growing your revenue while keeping your overhead down. Contact us online or by telephone for more information.

Our approach is straightforward and our services include the following:

Website CreationWe will construct a new website which complies with Google’s latest standards.
Content WritingWe will write engaging content meant to resonate with potential clients and the search engines. All content will be written by someone with a legal background.
Ongoing MaintenanceWe maintain your website’s software and provide ongoing maintenance so that you stay in sync with the latest SEO standards from Google.
Monthly BloggingWe provide ongoing blogging services so that you can continuously provide potential clients with the information they are looking for.
Ongoing ConsultingWe are able to provide regular consulting so that you both convert website visitors into clients and maximize your profits.

Straightforward pricing for law firm SEO & marketing

Many companies offer web-related services to law firms. These companies often have complicated pricing structures and it is difficult for an attorney to understand what it is they are getting for their money. We offer straightforward and easy to understand law firm SEO & web design packages which will fit your needs. These packages do not include “up front” or “build out” fees and you will not be hit with hidden costs.

We work with only a limited number of attorneys, per practice area, in a given area in order to avoid conflicts of interest. When you hire SEO For Lawyers you can rest assured that we will not be pitting our clients’ interests against each other. Visit our attorney website gallery to view samples of our work.

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We can be reached by telephone at (800) 445-8302 or online. We look forward to speaking with you.