Minnesota Family Law Attorney Matthew MajeskiThis is the first post in which we will be featuring the successes of a particular attorney. We’ve decided that, on a monthly basis, we’ll feature a lawyer or law firm who sets a good example for others to follow when trying to grow their firm. This month we’re extremely excited to feature Matthew Majeski of Majeski Law LLC.

Matt is a divorce & family law attorney in Woodbury, Minnesota. He and his assistant, Rachel, were followers of my series on how to build a better law firm in 30 days. They implemented many of the suggested steps in Matt’s practice and the results have been great. In other words, Matt’s setting a great example of how some simple changes can increase an attorney’s profitability dramatically.

I spoke with the Majeski team on the phone while we were wrapping up our thirty day series. We set up a call for a few months later so I could check in and see how everything was growing. The results have spoken for themselves. In August Matt had the highest monthly revenues that he’s enjoyed in six years of practice and, when we spoke in September, Matt’s September revenues were on pace to break those August records. He currently has his largest client load ever. Let’s look at a few of the things he did, which you can do in your firm as well.

On day 1 of our 30 day series I discussed how attorneys can increase business instantly by converting the phone calls they already receive. Part of this was to confirm appointments the day before (something many attorneys don’t do). Matt saw an instant boost in the number of scheduled consultations who actually came into the office. That confirmation, after all, has a way of nudging those debating whether they need a lawyer into following through with the appointment. Rachel has been able to place more consultations on calendar by following our day 2 suggestion that law firms should develop a standardized phone pitch for incoming calls from potential clients. In addition to getting more people in the door, this approach actually results in her spending less time on the phone with people before they schedule the consultation.

It’s important to remember that there are three steps to a conversion. The second is getting a potential client on calendar and into the office. The steps above gave a huge boost in that area. The first step to converting, however, is that your website must prompt someone to pick up the phone and call in the first place. Matt followed our Day 12 suggestion that attorneys remove outbound links and badges (such as an AVVO badge) that direct potential clients to other websites. Keeping people on your site longer means they are more likely to pick up the phone and call. After removing all the outbound links and badges Matt saw a quick increase in user engagement and an increase in phone volume.

Increasing a case load and revenue is great. Doing so typically means that attorneys have to increase overhead (such as through hiring) to keep up with the extra work. Matt & Rachel have been following our day 13 suggestion that attorneys regularly audit their calendar and get all essential items done immediately after the audit. They perform this quick audit and task completion chore at the beginning of each day. They have found that, as a result, far fewer things “pop up” and, as a result, that they are not as often pulled away by distractions. In other words, they’re getting more done with less resources. This increased efficiency has even allowed for a larger percentage of time to be captured as billable; so they now have less of the profit-sucking administrative time that kills a law firm’s profits.

Revenue is up, overhead didn’t increase, and Matt & Rachel are not even having to work additional hours to cover the load. The big thing to take from this is that these are all changes that law firms can implement, free of charge, almost immediately. Kudos to Matt Majeski, a Minnesota divorce and family law attorney, for setting a great example for other attorneys to follow. This great example is why he’s our featured attorney of the month for October of 2014.