This post continues my discussion on why .attorney and .lawyer domains will be important to the marketing of your law firm. This post will be a break from our regularly scheduled programming so that we can discuss something I saw on social media yesterday – the fact that .attorney domains are now appearing in search results. I wanted to take a minute to discuss this as it addresses some questions I’ve been asked about the new domains.

It was brought up to me yesterday that a .attorney domain is now ranking for auto accident cases in the Dallas, Texas area. I did a search this morning, in an incognito browser so that I received “clean” search results, and found the following:

Image of .attorney domain appearing in search

This is especially interesting given that these domains have barely been available for a month. This addresses a point that attorneys have raised with me – the fact that many say they don’t currently see the need for these domains. If you take this kind of approach then your firm is likely to regret it in the future.

I’ve spoken with a few attorneys who have told me that they don’t want to “bother” with these domains until they start appearing in search results. That’s mostly on advice they’re getting from their current webmasters/SEO consultants. Well, first, these domains are appearing in search even though they’re only a month old as of this writing. Second, the approach of “we’ll deal with it later” makes no sense. Let’s look at this second point.

“Waiting until later” to buy the domains, that you may wish to use in the future, is going to leave you standing out in the rain just like this guy:

Man in the rain under umbrella

Have you wanted to start a new law firm website but all the .com domains you would like to use are taken? Did you find yourself saying “I should have bought those while I had the chance?” Yes, you have and yes, you did. Well the new .attorney and .lawyer extensions are going to greatly impact law firm marketing for reasons I’ve been discussing in this series (such as how new TLD’s will assist Google by making search less ambiguous). This means that you currently have an opportunity to purchase domains that you will want and need in the future. The attorneys who are taking a wait and see approach will find themselves back in the situation they are in today; all the domains they wish to use for their firm will already be taken. 

We’ve been suggesting to all of our clients that they lock the domains that they may wish to use and we’ll be migrating their sites to these domains in the coming months. We’re strongly suggesting that attorneys plan for the future by purchasing the domains they reasonably think they may use. Visit our .attorney & .lawyer domain page for tips on how to pick a domain for your firm. We are currently offering these domains for 10 percent under suggested retail

What is your current webmaster telling you in regards to the new domain extensions? Please chime in through the comment form below.