This is the first post in what will be a “Blogging Basics For Lawyers” series. I’ve previously discussed why attorneys should maintain blogs as part of their SEO efforts. I will be writing this series in order to help attorneys address what I have found to be common issues with attorneys who wish to blog.

Legal blogs often fail as a result of poor planning

Chalkboard with blogging 101 writtenI started my former law firm’s blog in 2008. We quickly reached the top of the search results for legal blogs in the Las Vegas area. My firm’s blog led to numerous new clients and became a cornerstone of my firm’s SEO strategy. That being said, far fewer attorneys were attempting to blog in 2008 and the landscape has certainly changed since then. However, while many more attorneys are attempting to write blogs I find common mistakes in their approach. If you are attempting to maintain a blog on behalf of your firm, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you struggle to find subject matter to blog about?
  • Do you update your blog infrequently, if at all?
  • Do you struggle to find a general direction and theme of your blog?
  • Was your choice of a blogging platform the result of a developed plan?

Many attorneys answer yes to at least some of these questions. My next several posts in this series will help attorneys with developing a theme and focus for their legal blogs, understanding sources of content for their blogs, choosing and setting up a blogging platform, and understanding strategies for blog promotion.

Attorneys should make blogging key to their web marketing strategy

Blogging should be seen as a key part of any attorney’s online marketing strategy. It will help your firm rank in searches for queries which you do not currently rank for and it is a great way of adding quality content (which is key to SEO) to your site without being duplicative. My goal is that after this series many lawyers will have a grasp on blogging that they currently lack.

Are there issues you feel you struggle with in maintaining a legal blog? Feel free to chime in through the comment box below to suggest a topic for this series. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.